Enjoy a Sky game, participate in on-court fan experiences, and win great prizes while earning up to $5000 for your organization! A portion of every ticket purchased through your fundraiser will benefit your organization.

How it works:

  • Fundraising– Earn up to $10 per ticket for your organization by selling tickets that you’ll receive at a discounted rate with a portion of the price going directly back to you. It’s extremely easy and no risk.

o  Earn $10/ticket for 100 level seating

o  Earn $5/ticket for 200 level seating

  • Step 1– Discuss your organization’s fundraising goals and timeline with the Sky. We’ll help you throughout the whole process so that your organization can raise the most money while having fun.
  • Step Two– We’ll design your customized ticket link for group members to purchase their tickets directly. We just need your game date(s), preferred seating location(s), and additional details to make the best seating accommodations for your group.

o  Minimum of 20 tickets needed to purchase through the organization’s specific link to qualify for fundraising efforts.

  • Step Three– Market your specific link to your members, families, co-workers, etc. through your newsletter, social media, and more to start collecting orders for your Sky game and we’ll check in on your progress to ensure your success.

Additional Bonuses to Assist Your Fundraiser:

  • Organization Prizes

o  Sell 100+ tickets and participate in on-court experience.

o  Sell 250+ tickets for an additional $500 towards your fundraiser.

o  Sell 500+ tickets for an additional $1000 towards your fundraiser.


For more information please call 866.SKY.WNBA or email tickets@chicagosky.net