The Chicago Sky are committed to providing a world-class, safe experience for our fans. By utilizing mobile ticketing and the best ticketing technology with our Chicago Sky app, your tickets will now be with you everywhere you go. Never have to worry about lost, stolen, or forgotten tickets again!


Printed and screenshots of tickets will no longer be accepted upon entry at Wintrust Arena for any Chicago Sky games.



Step 1 – From the “Main” screen, tap “Tickets” on the bottom menu of the screen


Step 2 – Tap “Account Manager” located in the top row.


Step 3 – You will have an option to select between two sign-in options based on where you purchased your tickets, whether through the Sky directly or through Ticketmaster.


  • If your email is associated with a Ticketmaster account, you will be asked to link accounts. This will let you see tickets purchased through Chicago Sky and Ticketmaster in one place. Enter your password and tap “Link Accounts.” If you don’t want to link accounts, tap “No thanks.”
  • If this is your first time logging in, you may be prompted with Terms of Use. Please read and agree by tapping “Accept.”



Step 4Even if your seats were purchased directly through the Chicago Sky Ticket Office, please select ‘Continue’ on the window that pops up when prompted reading ““Sky” wants to use “” to Sign in.”


Step 5  – As a current ticket holder, you automatically have an account. Enter your email and password combination tied to your account with the Sky and then tap “Sign In.”


  • If you forgot or need to setup your password, tap “Forgot Password?” and Ticketmaster will send you a link or text notification to reset your password.











Step 1 – Select the game you want to view by tapping it. Each game will show the opponent, date, time and number of tickets you have available.


Step 2 – Tap “View Barcode” to access the QR code. Screenshots of tickets will not be accepted at the Wintrust Arena gates


Step 3 – Adding to Apple Wallet or Google Play


  • Tap “Add to Apple Wallet” or “Add to Google Play.” This allows for easier entry at the arena as you can access your tickets without an Internet connection. This is highly recommended.






Step 1 – Find the game you would like to transfer your tickets for and select it. Tap “Transfer” in the bottom left corner of the screen.


Step 2 – Select the seat(s) you want to send then tap “Transfer to” in the bottom right corner of the screen.


Step 3 – Select the recipient from your list of contacts or manually enter a new one.


  •  You may send tickets via email address or text message.



Step 4 – Confirm the contact information of the recipient then tap “Transfer Tickets” in bottom right corner of the screen.


Step 5 – Once the tickets are sent, the process is complete. The status will appear on the ticket. If it has not been accepted yet, you can stop the transfer by tapping “Cancel Transfer.”


Step 6 – Once the recipient has accepted the tickets, the status will change to “Claimed” and the barcode will no longer appear.






Step 1 – When someone transfers tickets to you, you will receive an email. Tap “Accept Tickets.”


  • If you do not receive the email directly to your inbox, check any spam or junk folders as email may have been directed there depending on email privacy settings


Step 2 – Sign in to your Account Manager or Ticketmaster Account, or create an account if you do not have one.


  • The address the email was sent to must match the address on your account to claim your tickets.


Step 3 – Once logged in, you will see the details of the game for the tickets that you have accepted and are now on your account. You can now view the tickets from the Chicago Sky App and scan them at the gate for entry. (See “View Tickets”)


  • Once accepted, the person who originally transferred the tickets will no longer have access to any accepted tickets.



What is mobile ticketing?

The Chicago Sky have adopted mobile entry to allow ticket holders to conveniently and safely utilize mobile ticketing for all Sky home games. You can use the Chicago Sky App, Google Play, or login to your account through from a mobile device to access your tickets.


Can I still print my tickets from home?

No. Tickets for Chicago Sky games no longer include a PDF option. This decision was made to protect the integrity of tickets, prevent fraud problems, and allow for safety measures if need be. Your phone is your ticket.


How do I get the Chicago Sky app?

The Chicago Sky App is free (on any Apple or Android device) to download.  There are no costs associated with managing your tickets via the Chicago Sky app or using Account Manager on your smartphone, including accessing tickets for mobile entry, transferring tickets or selling tickets online.


What are the benefits of mobile entry?

Mobile ticketing is the safest, most convenient and flexible way to manage your tickets. Mobile tickets provide:

  • ·Quick and easy entry to Wintrust Arena using your smartphone
  • Instant access to all your tickets with the ability to manage, transfer or sell tickets at any time
  • Reduced risk of lost, stolen, or forgotten tickets
  • Additional safety measures before, during, and after games
  • A more sustainable approach by printing less paper tickets


When should I download my ticket?

We recommend that you access your tickets at least 24 hours before the event. If you have an iPhone, you can store your tickets in your Apple Wallet.


Can I have multiple tickets on a single mobile device?

Yes. Once you tap on your game of choice, you can swipe through all available tickets on your account.

We do recommend each attendee (unless for minors) have their own ticket when available. Transferring tickets provides:

  • A way for all ticket holders to obtain event updates during an event, if applicable.
  • Accessibility to their seat information at all times.
  • An easy way to enter the venue without having to wait for your friends and family.


What if my entire party isn’t with me when I’m ready to enter?

You can easily transfer each member their ticket individually since each person entering will need a ticket to get in.


Does the person I send the tickets to need to create an account?

If they don’t have an account already, they will create one upon accepting the ticket transfer.


What if I don’t have a smartphone or I have additional questions about mobile ticketing at this time?

If you do not have a smartphone, please contact the Chicago Sky ticket office at 866.SKY.WNBA for assistance.


What if I have a Windows phone, a Blackberry, or otherwise can’t download the Chicago Sky app?

Mobile tickets can also be accessed by using your mobile devices internet browser by logging in to your MySky Accout Manager.


What if I lose connectivity or can’t connect to my account at Wintrust Arena?

To ensure seamless entry, we highly recommend downloading your tickets to your phone before arriving to the game. If you have an iPhone, you can store your tickets in your Apple Wallet.


What if I need help on gameday? Broken device? Battery issues?

For troubleshooting issues, we are happy to provide two options to assist. One, please visit the Wintrust Arena box office located on the south side of the arena directly off of Cermak on game day. Two, please visit our ‘Mobile Ticketing’ table located just inside the Main Entrance of the arena on the ground level of the arena. For either location, please have a valid ID matching the name on the account.


How far in advance can I access my tickets?

After the schedule is released and your account is paid in full, you can manage your tickets by viewing, transferring, or reselling them.


If I purchased my tickets from Ticketmaster, can I access them through the Chicago Sky app?

Yes, you will be able to access your tickets via the Chicago Sky App by entering your email address and Ticketmaster password. You can also visit via web or mobile browser.


Can I used a screenshot of my ticket to enter Wintrust Arena?

No. Screenshots of tickets or ticket produced by an unauthorized source will be not be accepted for entry at the Wintrust Arena. Tickets can be accessed through the Chicago Sky App, on the MySky Account Manager page on your phone’s browser, or from your ‘Apple Wallet’ on your iPhone.


I have transferred tickets in the past; has this process changed?

The process to transfer tickets is the same. However, those accepting tickets will only be able to access tickets through their smartphone for entry. PDF tickets are no longer an option. We recommend making sure anyone who might receive a ticket through your account has access to a smartphone to accept and view tickets for entry.