Tip 1: BOSU Balance

Improve your ankle stability and balance with Courtney and Allie. The BOSU Balance, taught by Ben from IBJI, will strengthen your ankles and help prevent injury.

Tip 2: 1-2 Stick

Learn how to increase your lateral speed and agility with Cheyenne Parker. The 1-2 Stick, taught by Ben from IBJI, will help teach proper single-leg loading for jumping and cutting activities.

Tip 3: Foam Roller Massage Therapy

Take care of your muscles using this massage therapy technique taught by Donna from IBJI. Kahleah Copper demonstrates how to use a foam roller to decrease tension in the leg muscle tissue.

Tip 4: Forearm Self Care

Learn how to relieve forearm tension with this stretching technique taught by Donna from IBJI. Watch Amber Harris demonstrate this technique post practice.

Tip 5: Squat Jumps

Engage your core jumping muscles with Kahleah Copper and Amber Harris. Squat Jumps, taught by Chris from IBJI, will reinforce proper jumping and landing mechanics.