A Day in the Life: Chelsea Newton

Hi Sky fans,

Greetings from the Virgin Islands! Hopefully you can imagine the rigors of working for a collegiate basketball program, so I thought I would change up the pace and tell you about a unique day in my coaching schedule.

As you may know, I am working with my Alma mater Rutgers this off season. We spent the Thanksgiving holiday at the Paradise Jam Tournament in the Virgin Islands. Traveling like this allows us a chance to have some fun, get some good practice in away from home and take on some good competition. Now don¬Ět get any ideas that we keep this kind of schedule everyday, but here's an idea of what it was like on this particular trip when we matched up against Penn State.

Breakfast for the team was at 9:30 am, afterwards we headed out to the beach to ride some jet skis! We had a great time enjoying the beach and ocean in such a beautiful place. At 1 pm we had a light snack in the hotel and departed by 2:00 pm for shoot around. It was a late game, 9:30 pm local time, which is actually 8:30 pm back home.

After our hour long shooting practice, we met back at the hotel for our pre game meal at 4:15 pm. Do you notice a trend? We never go hungry! After our pre game meal, I headed to the hotel workout room to lift weights and get my cardio workout in.

The team left the hotel at 7 pm and headed for the University of the Virgin Islands. Rutgers defeated Penn State 57-44 in a tough back and forth game. We returned to the hotel at 12:30 am to get some rest for our next game on Saturday. Finally at 1:30 am my day is done and I have some time for me!!

I look forward to returning to Chicago this week when my team plays at DePaul on Thursday, December 7. Please come out and cheer us on and say hello.

Take care,
Chelsea Newton