Allie Quigley

Fenerbahçe | Turkey


Allie Quigley, one of four WNBA players playing for Fenerbahçe in Istanbul, helped Fenerbahce to third place in the BKBL with a 20-6 record. Fenerbahce topped the EuroLeague standings and advanced to the EuroLeague semifinals. Quigley averaged 18.3 points and 3.5 assists in BKBL, and she averaged 15.1 points, 3.8 rebounds and 2.9 assists in EuroLeague.

Update: May 3, 2016

Fenerbahce is onto the BKBL Finals after beating Abdullah Gul University 72-62 in Game 3 of the semifinal round on April 30. Fenerbahce had control from the tip, outscoring AGU 17-11 in the first quarter. AGU tried to make a comeback in the fourth, but it was not enough to continue their season. Quigley scored 21 points in the victory. Fenerbahce will face Hatay BSB in the Finals with the first game on May 3 and the second on May 5.

Update: April 11, 2016

After a 79-49 blowout win on April 6 against Istanbul University, Fenerbahce edged BGD 78-70 on April 9. Quigley did not miss a beat after sitting out the previous game; she scored 22 points and had a team-high seven assists.

Update: April 4, 2016

Fenerbahce capped a 96-61 win over Abdullah Gul University on March 31. Fenerbahce shot 63 percent from beyond the arc. Quigley chipped in 11 points and three assists.

Update: March 28, 2016

Quigley recorded 25 points and six assists as Fenerbahce escaped with a 74-72 win over Hatay BSB. It was an odd start for both teams, with the score being 13-10 in favor of Fenerbahce after the first quarter. That quarter would turn out to be the decisive one. With the win, Fenerbahce secured the top position of the regular season.

Update: March 21, 2016

Fenerbahce has won all 10 of its BKBL games since the start of the second half of the season. The team’s latest victory was over Adana Aski whom they defeated 76-66 on March 20. Quigley recorded 19 points, six assists and five rebounds. Fenerbahce was able to get a double-digit win by holding Adana Aski to 24 percent from three-point land.

Update: March 18, 2016

Quigley scored 13 points in 12 minutes in a 113-69 Fenerbahce blow out over Orduspor on March 14 in a BKBL matchup. Orduspor was down by 10 at halftime (52-42), but Fenerbahce went on to outscore them 61-27 in the final two quarters. Fenerbahce dominated in almost every category; they shot 67 percent compared to Orduspor’s 38 percent from the field, out-rebounded them 53-29 and had a team total of 40 assists to Orduspor’s 13.

Fenerbahce turned around and marked another BKBL victory on March 17 versus Near East University. Quigley scored 17 points in the 73-69 win. Fenerbahce eliminated Wisla Can-Pack 79-from the EuroLeague Playoffs after defeating Wisla 79-63 on March 11. Fenerbahce was able to pull away by outscoring Wisla 22-9 in the second quarter and holding them to 10 points in the fourth. Quigley had 15 points and seven assists.

Update: March 9, 2016

Fenerbahce continued its dominance as they beat Wisla Can-Pack 79-70. Quigley finished with 12 points, five assists and two rebounds. Wisla Can-Pack managed to come back from a 14-point deficit and take a 57-56 lead early in the fourth quarter; however, the lead was short-lived as Fenerbahce went on an 11-0 run.

Update: March 2, 2016

Quigley’s 22 points, eight rebounds and three assists led Fenerbahce (17-3) to a 78-71 win over Besiktas (9-11) on February 28. Fellow Sky teammate Cappie Pondexter scored 30 points and had eight assists for Besiktas, but Fenerbahce’s ability to out-rebound 52-26 helped them survive a scare.

Update: February 17, 2016

Quigley scored 17 points in Fenerbahce’s 75-62 home win over Galatasaray on February 14. Fenerbahce (16-3) was able to pull away in the fourth quarter, outscoring Galatasaray (12-7) 20-11. The host team also shot 44 percent from behind the arc compared to the visiting Galatasaray’s 13 percent.

Update: February 10, 2016

Fenerbahce went undefeated in its two games this week. In a KBSL matchup between Quigley and Sky teammate Courtney Vandersloot, Quigley’s team came out on top 75-67. Quigley finished with 14 points and six assists, while Vandersloot had 15 points and seven assists. In the EuroLeague game on February 10, Fenerbahce edged past Galatasaray 71-60. Quigley was Fenerbahce’s second-leading scorer with 21 points. Fenerbahce is 15-3 in BKBL and 11-2 in EuroLeague.

Update: February 4, 2016

On January 31, Fenerbahce topped seventh-placed Canik Bld., 88-57. Canik Bld. shot a despairing 17 percent from the three-point line. Quigley recorded 12 points, five rebounds and five assists. Fenerbahce saw its second EuroLeague loss of the season on February 3 against Famila Schio. Fenerbahce fell to a 16-point deficit, but brought the score within five just under two minutes of regulation. The visitors answered back with a three-point field goal to cap the lead. Quigley scored eight points in the contest. Fenerbahce remains in the top spot in the EuroLeague (11-2) and in the KBSL (14-3).

Update: January 27, 2016

Fenerbahce is powering its way through opponents in both the KBSL and the EuroLeague. The team has not seen a loss in its domestic league (KBSL) since the end of December, and the team’s last EuroLeague loss was in October. Fenerbahce topped fifth-ranked Mersin BSB on January 17 71-67; Quigley chipped in 15 points and four rebounds. Last week, Fenerbahce faced Botas in KBSL action and defeated them 75-65. Quigley came close to a double-double with 14 points and seven rebounds. On January 27, Quigley matched up with Sky teammate Jacki Gemelos in Turkey. The host team got the upper hand over Avenida 64-59. Quigley scored 11 points in the game.

Update: January 12, 2016

On January 6, Fenerbahce faced EuroLeague opponent Good Angels Kosice on the road. After maintaining a close lead for the game, a last quarter push sparked by a Quigley three-point basket gave Fenerbahce its edge to outlast Good Angels 67-58. Quigley finished with 20 points along with three rebounds and three assists. Fenerbahce grabbed its second win of the week on January 10 versus Edirne. Quigley, along with teammate Jantel Lavender (Los Angeles Sparks), led with 21 points in the 86-71 victory. Fenerbahce is in first place in the EuroLeague (8-1) and second place in the KBSL (11-3).

Update: January 5, 2016

During EuroLeague intermission, Fenerbahce continued its Turkish League schedule. The team went 2-1, sustaining its third overall loss by just two points to AGU Spor. On December 27, Quigley scored 22 points in Fenerbahce’s 60-53 win over Hatay BSB. In the game against AGU Spor on December 30, Quigley scored 24 points. Fenerbahce pummeled Istanbul Universitesi 94-48 on January 3 with a nine-point contribution from Quigley. Fenerbahce is second in the KBSL (10-3).

Update: December 23, 2015

EuroLeague is currently on hiatus but Fenerbahce is still competing in Turkish League games. On December 20, Fenerbahce defeated Near East University 78-69 after being down by one at the end of the first quarter. Quigley ended that game with 17 points and six rebounds. Fenerbahce capped its second win of the week against Adana on December 23. Quigley had a team-high 26 points in the matchup against Sky teammate Erika de Souza. Fenerbahce is tied for first place in the Turkish League with AGU Spor. Both teams have an 8-2 record.

Update: December 16, 2015

Fenerbahce went undefeated this week, topping Orduspor 100-77 on December 13 and Dynamo Kursk 66-56 on December 16. It was a Sky showdown when Fenerbahce visited Orduspor, as both Sky players on the court put up big numbers. Quigley had a game-high 23 points and seven assists, while her Chicago teammate Courtney Vandersloot had a double-double with 20 points and 10 assists. Fenerbahce kept its momentum into its home game on December 16. Despite having a team total of 16 turnovers, Fenerbahce was able to secure a win against Dynamo Kursk who had an off-night beyond the three-point line (4-17, .235). Quigley scored 10 points.

Update: December 9, 2015

Fenerbahce pulled away with a nail-biting win on December 3 against Famila Schio in the EuroLeague. Quigley’s 29-point performance gave Fenerbahce the push to top the third place team. Fenerbahce is the top-ranked team in Group A of the EuroLeague. Quigley matched up with teammate Cappie Pondexter on December 6. In a hard-fought battle, Fenerbahce went under despite a game-high 27 points from Quigley. Quigley is averaging 22.5 points per game in the Turkish League. Fenerbahce took down Galatasaray on December 9 in a game that went down to the final seconds. Quigley led her team with 12 points.


Update: December 1, 2015

In a very close game on November 28, Quigley led her team with 24 points. However, Quigley’s team high was not enough to carry Fenerbahce to victory. The team fell 76-72 to Galatasaray. With an average of 22.0 points per game, Quigley is the second-ranked scorer in the Turkish League.

Update: November 17, 2015

Quigley helped Fenerbahce to a 2-0 record last week. On November 11, it was a Chicago reunion in Spain with Quigley facing teammate Jacki Gemelos. In Fenerbahce’s 13-3 run in the first five minutes of the fourth quarter, Quigley scored five consecutive points. The run was essential for Fenerbahce’s 75-70 victory on the road. Quigley was the top scorer for her team, finishing with 19 points and nine rebounds. Fenerbahce faced lower-ranked BGD on November 15 in a 44-point blowout at home. Quigley chipped in nine points, two assists and two rebounds. The team will return to action on November 28.

Update: November 10, 2015

Fenerbahce pulled away with a win 86-69 versus Uniqa Sopron on November 4 in EuroLeague play. Sopron held the upper hand going into the halftime break, but Fenerbahce brought a spark on the court at the start of the second half. The team outscored its visitors 21-13 in the third quarter and 22-12 in the fourth. Quigley led her team in scoring with 16 points. In a Turkish League matchup on November 7, Fenerbahce remained ahead through the third quarter against Canik Bld., but the host team turned it around on Fenerbahce in the fourth quarter. Fenerbahce went down 77-72. Quigley scored a game-high 24 points on 9-of-11 (.818) shooting from the field.

Update: November 03, 2015

Fenerbahce overcame a 16-point deficit on October 28 against ESBVA-LM to pull away with a 69-55 win. Quigley was clutch in the final quarter, scoring eight points in the first four minutes of the quarter to give Fenerbahce its first lead in the entire second half. Quigley finished with a total of 10 points and two assists. In its Turkish League game on November 2, Fenerbahce won 83-59 at home. Quigley led the team in scoring with 26 points.

Update: October 28, 2015

Quigley led her team to victory on October 21 with a team-high 18 points. Fenerbahçe topped Good Angels Kosice 62-45 in EuroLeague play. Quigley scored a season-best 29 points against Mersin BSB on October 24 and pushed her team to a 79-72 win on the road. Quigley’s team is 2-0 in Turkish League action and 1-1 in EuroLeague.

Update: October 20, 2015

Quigley and Fenerbahçe opened their season with two games in one week. Fenerbahçe struggled in game one on October 14, suffering a 72-40 defeat to Dynamo Kurst on the road. Quigley recorded eight points, two rebounds and one steal. On October 18, Quigley and her team adjusted and gave their home crowd an 81-60 win over Edirne. Quigley finished with 20 points, seven assists and five rebounds.