Getting to Know Stefanie Dolson & Kahleah Copper

Stefanie Dolson(SD) / Kahleah Copper(KC)

Q: What / Who made an impact on you in your youth?
SD: My parents made a big impact on me in my youth. Growing up, my dad coached me and made me love the game and my mom did such a great job showing me what a kind woman looks like.

KC: My great-grandmother and sister made an impact on me in my youth. My great grandmother was ALWAYS there for me. And my sister paved the way; she was independent and she was my role model. She graduated college and has been independent without someone pushing her.

Q: When / Why did you decide (or know that you wanted) to make basketball a career?
SD: I knew I wanted to make basketball my career when I realized I could do so. I’ve always loved the game but never thought I was good enough. Once I went to UConn and they helped me improve my game, I realized I was good enough and wanted to keep getting better so I could make the league and play the game I love as my career.

KC: I decided to make basketball a career once I realized the places it could take me. I didn’t take it serious until high school- when I realized I was good enough to play at the division I level.

Q: What is your favorite memory of playing basketball in high school / AAU?
SD: My favorite memories are traveling with my team. I always had a lot of fun with my teammates on the road, we’d play games and listen & dance to music.

KC: My favorite memory of playing in high school was AAU trips, meeting other players, hanging out, and just being teenagers.

Q: What is your favorite memory of playing basketball in college?
SD: My favorite collegiate basketball memory is being coached by the most amazing coaches in the game. They had a different approach than most and Geno was such an amazing coach, he knew how to get the most out of his players, myself included. I enjoyed playing for him.

KC: My favorite memory of playing collegiate basketball is when I hit a game winning shot. I had never done that before and it was an amazing feeling.

Q: Who is your favorite basketball player of all time?
SD: I am not sure that I have a favorite basketball player of all time, but I always loved watching Larry Bird and Shaq as a post. My team growing up was the NJ Nets, so Jason Kidd was my guy!

KC: My Favorite basketball player of all time is Lebron James.

Q: What has been your favorite memory of playing in the WNBA thus far?
SD: My favorite memory in the WNBA so far was playing with Kara Lawson. She was such an amazing player and veteran. I respect her as a player and as a person. She taught me a lot about being a professional in this league. A specific game memory I love is when the Mystics and the Sparks went into triple overtime and coach T left all his young players in and we ended up winning! It was fun but also exhausting.

KC: Thus far, my favorite memory of playing in the WNBA was matching up against Maya Moore & Candace Parker. I grew up watching them, never imagining I would ever step foot on the same court as them.

Q: How would you like to impact the future of women’s basketball?
SD: I want to impact the future of women’s basketball by showing young players that it’s okay to be who they are. Whether they’re a tomboy, girly girl, or the nerdy type of girl, they’re are all athletes and they should feel as such and love themselves.

KC: I would like to use my voice & game to impact the future of women’s basketball because I want people to appreciate and respect the women’s game.

Q: What issues are important to you and why?
SD: A few issues that are very important to me are LGBTQ rights,health/getting active, anti-bullying, and confidence building.

KC: Breast Cancer awareness is very important to me. My great grandmother, grandmother, and mother had Breast Cancer.

Q: What is your favorite holiday to celebrate? Why?
SD: Christmas is my favorite holiday. The family environment and holiday spirit is so infectious! It’s my absolute favorite time of the year!!

KC: Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays. I am very family-oriented and I spend those holidays with my immediate family. We basically spend the entire day together playing games, watching movies, and cracking jokes.

Q: What is your favorite book? Author?
SD: My favorite author is Sandra Brown. She writes murder/mystery/thriller… they are extremely exciting books with a lot of twists.

KC: I can’t think of my favorite right now.

Q: What is your favorite type of music?
SD: My two favorite types of music are R&B and Rap, but I also love some Broadway/Glee.

KC: I love R&B. I have my days when I want to hear rap (Meek Mill, Philly Boy), but most of the time I’m listening to slow jams.