Sky Cares is a proud advocate of diversity and inclusion through a variety of year-round activations and events. With one of the most diverse fan-base in all of sports, diversity and inclusion is a vital component that helps the Sky family continuously thrive. For more information please contact Brittanie Fourte.

An annual event that allows Fortune 500 companies the opportunity to network and hire veterans, women, minorities, LBGTQ and those with disabilities. Since its existence, the expo has achieved a 42% hiring rate of those who have participated.

Brings together industry leaders, and those interested in a specific industry, to discuss diversity and inclusion amongst topics and trends that are relevant to: sports, finance, non-profit, and STEM.

A theme night dedicated to embracing and showing support to our LGBTQ community through a variety of pride-themed on-court and in-arena activations.

A theme night dedicated towards our commitment and support of diversity and inclusion which includes representation of fairness and protection to all, regardless of gender, race, religion, disabilities, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.