Welcome to #10FOROURTOWN Central! This page is dedicated to you, the fans, who have made our first nine seasons so memorable. The Sky’s 10th season-long slogan, “10 FOR OUR TOWN,” will serve as a reminder of the team’s mission to inspire, and motivate, Chicago’s communities both on and off the court.

“Everything that we do is going to be FOR OUR TOWN. We’re going to compete for 40 minutes, every second of the game, FOR OUR TOWN. We’re going to do community outreach FOR OUR TOWN. We’re going to cultivate and inspire youth, FOR OUR TOWN. Ultimately, we want to win a championship FOR OUR TOWN.” -Sky Head Coach & General Manager, Pokey Chatman

The Sky’s commemorative 10th season logo combines elements of the team’s past, present and future. The logo is in the shape of a basketball court, with the celebratory dates of 2005 and 2015 displayed in the key. The Sky’s primary logo remains at center court as a constant, while the new “10 For Our Town” slogan is presented in a banner above the court. As a whole, this commemorative logo stays true to every element of what the Sky stands for both in basketball and in the community.