Welcome to Tips with T! Over 10 weeks, Sky forward Tamera Young a.k.a. “T” will shared tips that are important for basketball. Watch the videos and don’t forget to practice on your own at home!

Video 1: Warming Up

Warming up is important because it helps to prevent injury and increases blood flow.

Video 2: Triple Threat

The triple-threat position allows a player to drive, pass or shoot the ball.

Video 3: Dribbling

The ability to dribble well with both hands makes you a greater offensive threat.

Video 4: Passing

The ability to pass the ball quickly and directly to your teammate can make it difficult to defend.

Video 5: Shooting

Remember B.E.E.F. when shooting – Bend your knees, Eyes on the rim, Elbow bent and aligned underneath the ball, and Follow through with your wrist relaxed and your fingers pointing towards the basket. Shoot to score, and score to win!

Video 6: Closeouts

Good closeouts prevents the offensive player from driving or getting an open shot. Sprint to the offensive player, chop your feet and mirror the ball with your hands.

Video 7: Ball Pressure

The three keys to good ball pressure: defensive stance, balance and active hands. The defender uses one hand to mirror the ball at all times and the other hand to deflect passes.

Video 8: Take a Charge

Taking a charge is a good defensive play that stops the opponent from scoring.

Video 9: Rebounding

A solid box-out on your opponent is key in grabbing an offensive or defensive rebound.

Video 10: Review

Practicing on these fundamental skills can help elevate your game. Go Sky!