Video 1: The T Drill

The key to the T-Drill is staying low and on your toes. Watch as Tamera Young runs through the T-Drill taught by Phil from IBJI.

Video 2: Resistant Lateral Cone Pick Up Drill

In order to successfully complete IBJI’s Resistant Lateral Cone Pick Up drill you must stay low and controlled. Tamera Young gains lateral momentum by pushing off her back foot to reach the cones.

Video 3: Single Leg RDL with Basketball Shot

Improve your shot with Jamierra Faulkner by strengthening your hamstrings and balance. The Sky’s Athletic Trainer, Jessica, shows you the how to work the single leg RDL exercise presented by IBJI.

Video 4: Ankle Range of Motion Wall Exercise

Whether recovering from injury or in need of strengthening your lower extremities, Athletic Trainer Jessica shows Jessica Breland how to improve ankle range while activating your glutes with the help of IBJI.

Video 5: Theraband Lunging with Basketball Dribble

Take your lunges to the next level with Shooting Guard Allie Quigley. Team Athletic Trainer, Jessica from IBJI, shows you the advanced lunging exercise, great for body control and resistance training.

Video 6: Dynamic Stabilization Exercise

Courtney Vandersloot’s ability to control her body in competition, sets her apart from other guards in the league. Athletic Trainer, Jessica from IBJI, introduces this challenging dynamic stabilization exercise, engaging your hips, core, and shoulders.

Video 7: Lateral Reactive Drill

Quick lateral movements will put you one step ahead of your opponent. Watch as Jamierra Faulkner practices game-like shuffles in this lateral movement reactive drill presented by IBJI.

Video 8: Thoracic Mobility and Core Exercise

While lateral and linear movements help quickness and agility, Jessica Breland shows you the importance of thoracic mobility and how to strengthen your core for more control with rotational motions with the help of IBJI.

Video 9: Theraband Leg Kick-Back with Basketball Dribble

Whether rehabbing an injury or needing to emphasize an area of strength, Shooting Guard Allie Quigley demonstrates a great exercise that strengthens the core, hamstrings, and even coordination.

Video 10: Shoulder Stabilization Exercise

Passing, shooting, and even dribbling require ample shoulder strength and stabilization. This closed, kinetic, training exercise by IBJI engages your core while working to strengthen your scapula and upper body control.