Title IX_Trivia

Title IX Trivia Challenge

Take the Sky's Title IX trivia challenge. Search throughout the Sky site & answer the following questions on Title IX.

1.) What year was Title IX passed?

2.) What was the percentage of women who participated in college sports before Title IX was passed?

3.) There were two professional womens sports before Title IX was passed, what were they?

4.) Dominique Dawes was an Olympic gold medalist in what sport?

5.) Who was the founding president of the Womens National Basketball Association?

6.) Who was the first woman to sign a 4-year athletics scholarship?

7.) Which United States President signed Title IX into Law?

8.) What sport did Billy Jean King play and what was the name of the famous match?

9.) Title IX is celebrating which anniversary?

10.) What Act is Title IX part of?

11.) Who crafted the legislation of Title IX?

12.) Myles Brand is the president of what?

13.) What sport did Cynthia Cooper play?

14.) Who was the former president of Womens Sports Foundation?

15.) Patsy Mink served in which US House?

16.) Who was named one of The 10 Most Powerful Women in Sports by Fox Sports?

17.) Now a basketball analyst for ESPN, Nancy Liberman-Cline was a Three-Time-All-American at what school?

18.) Who was the co-founder of the National Womens Law Center in 1972?

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