Title IX_History

Most Influential People Inspiring Title IX

Many people were involved in the process of developing, implementing & participating in Title IX.
Listed below are just a few of the most influential people who have inspired Title IX.

Val Ackerman
Founding president of Womens National Basketball Association
First female president of USA Basketball
Says title IX has accelerated the creation of womens sports organizations & fueled the development of womens sports in every way

Birch Bayh
Crafted the original legislation and seeing through the passage in the Senate

Myles Brand
NCAA President
Spoke out against those trying to change Title IX that would halt growth of womens sports
Opposed Department of Educations 2005 suggestion of an e-mail survey which if there was a lack of response to survey then it was considered lack of interest in sports

Cynthia Cooper
College, international, and professional basketball player
Co-chaired the Department of Educations Commission on Opportunity in Athletics

Dominique Dawes
Olympic gold medalist gymnast
Served as Womens Sports Foundations president from 2004-2006
Title IX helped with her success

Marcia Greenberger
Co-founder of the National Womens Law Center in 1972
Involved with womens movements devoting resources to help ensure equal opportunity in education

Nancy Hogshead-Maker
Former president of Womens Sports Foundation
Olympic Medalist
Testified in Congress on topic of gender equity in athletics
Served as expert witness in Title IX cases

Billy Jean King
King beat Bobby Riggs in the famous battle of the sexes tennis match
Advocate of womens rights in sports, funding the Womens Tennis Association, and the Womens Sports Foundations

Nancy Lieberman-Cline
One of the first Title IX success stories
Three time All America at old Dominion
Played professionally
Served as the Womens Sports Foundations president
Now basketball analyst for ESPN

Donna Lopiano
CEO of Womens Sports Foundation
Writer and speaker on gender equity and womens sports issues
Named one of The 10 Most Powerful Women in Sports by Fox Sports and The 100 Most Influential People in Sports by the Sporting News

Patsy Mink
Served on US House of Representatives in 1972 and authorized Title IX
After her death in 2002, Title IX became known as Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity Act

Ann Meyers
First women to sign a 4-year athletic scholarship with UCLA
1979 she was the first women to sign a NBA contract with the Indiana Pacers
Now Phoenix Mercurys General Manager

Richard Nixon
Signed into Law By Nixon after it was passed through Congress
Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex in any educational program or activity receiving federal financial aid