Rush Update

Hey Sky Fans!

Let me begin by telling you guys how much your support of the Sky and the WNBA is appreciated! Womens basketball continues to grow and thrive, in large part because of the loyal fans. The WNBA has seen much success, but the potential for even greater success is nearly knocking down the door. Through the continued support of you, your friends, and your families, the WNBA and womens sports in general will continue to improve and reach new heights.

Since my participation with the Sky has been a bit atypical and many of you probably have no idea who I am, I should introduce myself before I go any further. I grew up in Amarillo, Texas with my sister Katie, and my Mom and Dad. Texas is a great state and was a wonderful place to grow up! After high school, I made my way across the border and attended the University of Oklahoma. I learned a lot in college, had fun learning, and ended up with a degree in the process.and the opportunity to continue my basketball career. Last year, my first season overseas, I played in Sweden. I lived in Lulea, a tiny town about 50 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Sweden is a lovely country and I really enjoyed my time there. This year, Im playing in Madrid, Spain. Madrid is quite a change from Lulea in just about every aspect, but a welcome change and one that I am really enjoying. I can appreciate big cities, but I wouldnt usually pick them. But this city has an incredible balance. For a city of this size, it is surprisingly laid back. There are always things to do, and the people are typically pretty friendly.

Im playing for a team named Estudiantes. There are a lot of younger players on the team (19 and 20), which results in an ever present youthful energy as I like to call it. Some would just say its loud. There is some good talent on this team, but we just havent quite put it all together yet. I have high hopes for 2009. Brooke Wyckoff plays here also, and its been so nice to have her around. She is always smiling, can tell me anything Id need to know about Spain (shes made this her overseas home), is lots of fun, and is really just one of those people that other people want to be around. It has been fun to get to know her better this year. One of the great advantages with hoops is the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world.

Another tremendous perk to professional basketball is the chance to travel the world, experience different cultures, and get paid to do it. How many careers give people the opportunity to live in a new place every year? Not enough if you ask me. I am a serious fan of travel and experiencing this gigantic playground of our world. My dream destinations are Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Papua New Guinea, Patagonia, Mali, and Peru. I dont suppose basketball is going to be the vehicle that gets me to those locations. However, if anybody knows of any openings for a 61, versatile player in those spots, please be sure to let me know.

Were heading out of town today for our last game before Christmas. Well catch a train tonight and then play tomorrow. Im keeping my fingers crossed for a win. Going into Christmas break with a W is always a good thing. For me, Christmas is not about presents and Santa; it is a celebration of Christs birth. However, that being said, the gifts, Christmas tree, decorations, and all the extra stuff is kind of fun. But for some, its stressful. So since this is a holiday blog, and I would rather you enjoy your family than stress about what to get them, I will help. I give you, my 2008 Gift Guide:

For the reader: Anything by Kira Salak, a captivating writer and a seemingly fascinating person. Her books and articles are all wonderfully written. My favorite however, is Four Corners: A Journey into the Heart of Papua New Guinea.

For the sportsperson: Sky season tickets. If you arent in the Chicago area, support womens athletics by purchasing tickets for local college and university athletic programs.

For the student: A lesson about investing money and if theyre lucky and have been really good this year, maybe a little cash to get them started.

For the traveler: A flight/bus/train voucher.

For the impossible to buy for person: A magazine subscription. Theres a magazine for everybody!

For somebody you like to spend time with: A ticket to a play, concert, movie, museum, gallery, or festival. You can take them and make a fun time of it!

I hope this helps. Thanks again for your continued support of the Sky. Enjoy college ball while youre preparing yourselves for another great summer of WNBA action.

Until then, happy holidays and have a blessed new year!


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