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Sky Hoops with House

Happy New Year Sky Fans!

Its that time of the year again... Sky Hoops with House! I will share with you a little of what is going on as we prepare for the draft, our second training camp in April and what is happening with other Sky Hoop stuff. I always like to send a little player personnel update, some coded, behind the scenes, insight into Coach Chatmans continued installation of the Fight...Focus...Finish (for 40) mentality. If I see something at a practice or a game, or some Basketball 101 type stuff - Ill drop that in here as well. Ill always try to answer any of your questions. So send them to me!

Now dont start emailing the Who are we drafting?... or Is there another trade in the works? Our Mission Impossible is top secret, BUT, as you now know, just recently became... Mission Probable!

How many of you were COMPLETELY surprised by the Blockbuster trade announcement!!?? YES!... We got you!

SkyRiders.... Do you know how hard it was to not say anything at the 2nd Annual Pokey Pizza Party at Abruzzis Restaurant the other night?? So many of you gave me such great ideas for what to do with the 2nd pick in the 2012 WNBA Draft. The only problem was Pokey already knew what to do with it and how to turn THAT ONE pick into THREE players with FIVE CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS!

Im going on record now.... The 2012 General Manager of the year award in the WNBA goes to......[drum roll...].... Pokey Chatman! [Applause!]

Not only are both Swin and LeCoe tremendously skilled players and leaders, they also possess the experience and intensity needed to compete and succeed at the highest level. They will bring a great deal to our already talented roster. Personally, my excitement is looking forward to being in practice everyday, in film sessions and individual workouts again with our team! I cant wait!

Lets talk college games and evaluations for #23 pick. Give me some ideas?

In watching the non-conference portion of the NCAA schedule, here are my top ten teams:

Baylor, Connecticut, Stanford, Notre Dame, Maryland, Tennessee, Ohio State, Duke, Kentucky and Rutgers.

My top ten seniors: *In Alphabetical order though!

LaSondra Barrett (LSU), Tiffany Hayes (UConn), Courtney Hurt (VCU), Glory Johnson (Tennessee), Shenise Johnson (Miami), Nnemkadi Ogwumike (Stanford), Devereaux Peters (ND), Sammy Prahalis (OSU), Shekinna Stricklen (Tennessee), Tyra White (Texas A&M)

With the Sky High trade being in the works over the last few weeks, I have not been on the road as much as I was last off-season. Pokey and I met while she was in the States and we have clear targets to evaluate at #23, but I want to hear your ideas. With the additions of Swin and LeCoe, knowing Swin can play both 3 and 4 and LeCoe and play both 4 and 5... what do you think we still need?

How about free agents? Free agency opened yesterday and offers will be tendered until January 15th. Anyone have some thoughts on free agents? We are focusing on our own free agents and working hard at resigning our players for 2012, but lets get your thoughts.

PLAYERS CORNER: I have spoken, via email, DM, chat and Skype to several of our players over the past couple weeks and everyone is excited about how their and our off season prep is going and is ready to get back to Sachs and get started. Most have returned to Europe after their Holiday break, but are anxiously looking ahead to April. Some others are staying stateside to prepare and train. If you havent already checked out the Overseas Recap for 2011 update on our players. Do it! Matt Robbie has compiled some great info here for everyone.

Thanks Sky Fans Happy New Year! Keep those New Years resolutions... especially the I have to buy Sky Season Tickets early! You arent going to want to miss a single game this year!

Catch you next week!