The Chicago Sky has launched a new platform to honor inspiring women beginning in the 2016 WNBA Season. The #RedefinePossible Women’s Leadership Award was created to recognize women that serve as an inspiration to others by making a positive impact in the community and redefining possible for those around them.


Michele Howard

May 19th – Sky vs Dream

For the second straight season the Chicago Sky are proud to honor inspiring women in the community with the #RedefinePossible awards. Our first honoree for the 2017 season is Michele Howard.

Michele is the scholarship manager for Chicago Public Schools and has helped a countless number of students further their education. In her role she supports, manages and drives systematic change to better serve more than 400,000 students in Chicago, ensuring that they have better access to scholarship opportunities. Prior to this role, Michele supported 60 south side elementary and high schools within CPS as a Network College and Career Specialist.

Much of Howard’s passion for furthering students’ education comes from her time working for the MDRC, a nonprofit education and social policy research organization, on the “College Match” Chicago project. The college match initiative helped develop her understanding of the level of support students and families needed to reinforce their academic strength and social capital in order to be considered for selective and highly selective universities.

Everyday Howard is motivated to help better the community around her. Where does this motivation come from?

“Knowing that everybody needs help. No man is an island, and it is so important for us to reach back and help students find their way. It’s about building, and community development. Knowing that everybody has a calling in their life and something that they are created to do,” Howard said.

Howard grew up in a house with secular and Christian educators, so from an early age she was instilled with a good foundation of values. Both of her parents have been driving forces in her career as an educator. She also credits some of her success to Dr. Joyce Brown, who Howard sees as a mentor in her professional career. Dr. Brown took Howard under her wing and introduced her to an opportunity to serve in the third largest school district in the nation.

What does #RedefinePossible mean to Howard?

“Not taking No for an answer. When you know that God has given you the vision, you must believe that you have been equipped to get the victory. Being firm in the calling and passion that is on your life provides the motivation to walk through the valley to achieve what is meant to be yours. You have to be willing to push pass what you don’t know and your fears, because ultimately, the go getters become the heavy hitters.”