Sasha Haywood

United States Navy | Active Duty

JOB IN NAVY: Aviation Electrician’s Mates are responsible for aircraft electrical power generating and converting systems. They maintain lighting, control, and indicating systems and can install as well as maintain flight and engine instrument systems.

SIGNIFICANT ASSIGNMENTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: Petty Officer Haywood is currently working at the Navy’s only Bootcamp as a Recruit Division Commander. It’s her responsibility to turn civilians into basically trained, physically fit, smartly disciplined Sailors in only eight short weeks. She completed deployments on the USS JAMES E. WILLIAMS and her last deployment was aboard the USS WASP, a Landing Helicopter Dock class of amphibious ship, where she led 38 food service specialists serving a crew of 1,300. With her guidance and mentorship, her team scored the highest ever rating on the Supply Management Certification. She also led the ship’s Anti-Terrorism Training Team through the annual Commander Strike Force Training Atlantic force protection exercise. Petty Officer Haywood holds the Air Warfare qualification and is active in her community.